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Smolt KitchenSmolt Kitchen

Smolt Kitchen and the Time Lords

Smolt Kitchen is one of those venues that you would be proud to call your ‘local’. We gave them time, and they used to it to great effect. At its heart the food really stands out as something special. And then in support you have a really interesting wine list with clear influences from heavy-hitters Frank and Smolt. If you’re looking for a meal with a difference, and don’t mind forking out for quality, drop by Smolt Kitchen and see what you think!

The Glass House HobartThe Glass House Hobart

No joke, it’s The Glass House!

The Glass House boldly proclaim their presence as ‘redefining style on Hobart’s waterfront’. Lofty ambitions. While it would be a stretch to claim all the glory with a sensational venue such as Aloft perched atop their broad rafters, they certainly take a lead role! At The Glass House, Style is queen and she reigns supreme!

The Latvian LunchroomThe Latvian Lunchroom

The Latvian Lunchroom | Adelaide

I don’t know why, but Latvian cuisine doesn’t seem to get the same reaction as French or Italian. What could be more romantic than potatoes, oily herrings, sauerkraut, pitch black rye bread more dense than lead…oh, and did I forget the potatoes? Ah my love, come hither and let me ladle bread soup and cabbage twixt your ruby red lips…

2016 Red Wine Weekend2016 Red Wine Weekend

2016 Tasmanian Red Wine Weekend

It’s been far too long between drinks. Literally! Anything involving the consumption of wine is always a much anticipated event, but when it came to the 2016 Tasmanian Red Wine Weekend we were a little gun-shy considering that our last experience at the White Wine Weekend back in 2013 was marred by a combination of lukewarm wines and an unruly mob…

Best Restaurants in HobartBest Restaurants in Hobart

Where are the best restaurants in Hobart??

Two Clowns has been in operation since late 2012, and in that time we’ve reviewed more than 100 restaurants, cafes and burger joints! It’s a shame we haven’t visited more, but our waistlines do deserve a modicum of respect. Whenever we’re put on the spot by someone asking, “Where’s the best place in Hobart for dinner?”, we turn into timid little rabbits, wide-eyed and caught in the headlights. The mind goes completely blank and an awkward silence ensues… To remedy this we’ve trawled through the numerous scores we’ve awarded and pulled together a summary for your edification.

Sons of BajaSons of Baja

Sons of Baja Mexican fiesta! | Hobart

Whether it’s your final destination for the evening or simply a pit stop en route to a big night out, the small but tasty bites, casual vibe and clever seating options at Sons of Baja make for a great option. These guys love their Mexican and the passion shines through!