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The QuiraingThe Quiraing

Hiking the Quiraing | Isle of Skye, Scotland

If you have even a passing interest in the landscape around you, and you know you’ll have some time on the Isle of Skye, this is one hike that you must put before all others. We left absolutely exhilarated by what we had experienced, and we thoroughly recommend adding it to your Isle of Skye itinerary!

Pelverata FallsPelverata Falls

Pelverata Falls Hike | Tasmania

The hike to Pelverata Falls is the perfect choice for one of those days where you really need to get out of the house and stretch the legs, but aren’t feeling up to a half-day slog. This is one of those walks where we’d strongly recommend that you plan to do it after the rains, because a dry waterfall is simply a cliff right…?

Cape HauyCape Hauy

Cape Hauy Hike | Tasmania

The 4hr return walk to Cape Hauy will not only expose you to stunning panoramic views of the cape, but also north towards the Devil’s Arch and south towards Cape Pillar and Tasman Island. The sea cliffs of the Tasman Peninsular are the tallest in the world, and for that alone it would also be worth making the hike! Put it all together and you’ve got one very enjoyable day walk.