Terms of Use

What?! More legal mumbo jumbo…?

Unfortunately, yes. Veiling of the derriereĀ is an essential part of an online presence these days. If you’re not careful those keyboard warriors will poke your eye out with a blunt opinion disguised as fact! šŸ˜€

This is our blog. Any words you choose to read on this blog are for informational purposes only. Think of it as highly plausible fiction.

Much of it, heck, MOST of it is, or was at the time of writing, factually correct (probably)…I mean, that IS the whole point. But there’s every chance you will stumble acrossĀ the occasional inaccuracy or misrepresentation. Poetic licence is one of our beautiful imperfections.

If so, we won’t be held accountable or liable for any decisions you make under the influence of our mesmerising content. This includes resultant losses, injuries or damage. If on the other hand you happen to MAKE a dollar on this content, please feel free to share the spoils!

Please also keep in mind that any contentĀ on this blog created by us including, but not limited to words, photos and videos, is protected by copyright. Sharing of our blog articles is highly encouraged, however the use of our content for your own commercial or other gain is not permitted without our written consent.

As with everything in life, these terms and conditions of use are subject to change at anytime and without notice.

Your two favourite forkers,
Andrew and Karen.