Tasmanian Food Reviews Summary

We’ve done a lot of Tasmanian food reviews over the years (tough gig!).

When all you want is a quick recommendation, this list summarises all the places we’ve visited in Tasmania, and their corresponding score!

If there’s a particular venue, cuisine or style that you’re interested in, simply type it into the filter box on the right hand side and it will narrow the list down in real time. You can use multiple words as well if you like! To sort, just click on the column heading.

Regarding pricing, sometime it’s the actual price for an average main meal, sometimes it’s the equivalent across multiple small dishes, and sometimes it’s simply the ambience. Here’s a rough guide:

$: < $15 per meal
$$: > $15 per meal
$$$: > $30 per meal

The Glass House4.5$$$Modern AustralianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Aloft5$$$Modern AustralianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Frogmore Creek5$$$Modern AustralianRestaurantLunch
Franklin5$$$Modern AustralianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Three Hummock Island5$High TeaCafe
Mohr and Smith5$$BurgersRestaurantBurger Challenge (White)Lunch
The Astor Grill5$$$GrillRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Berta4.5$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Rin4.5$$JapaneseRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Straight Up Coffee + Food4.5$VegetarianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Capital4.5$$ItalianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed4.5$$SeafoodRestaurantLunch
Frank4.5$$$ArgentinianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Me Wah4.5$$$ChineseRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Pancho Villa4.5$$$MexicanRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Phoenix and the Wolf4.5$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch
Small Fry4.5$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch
templo4.5$$$ItalianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Room for a Pony4.5$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch
The Winston4.5$$PubPubBurger Challenge (White)Dinner
Raincheck Lounge4.5$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Smolt Kitchen4.5$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Urban Greek4.5$$GreekRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Le Provencal4.5$$$FrenchRestaurantDinner
Albert Road Store4.5$Fast foodTakeawayBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Fuel So Good4.5$Healthy FoodTakeawayBreakfast, Lunch
Brisbane Street Bistro4.5$$$FrenchRestaurantDinner
Osteria at Stefano Lubiana4.5$$ItalianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Ginger Brown4.5$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Capulus Espresso4.5$CoffeeCoffee ShopBreakfast, Lunch
Pilgrim4.5$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch
The Cat's Tongue4.5$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Budgie Smugglers4.5$Fast foodTakeawayBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Burger Junkie4.5$BurgersFood TruckBurger Challenge (White)Dinner
Tasman Quartermasters4$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBurger Challenge (White)Lunch, Dinner
Jack Greene4$$$BurgersPubBurger Challenge (White)Lunch, Dinner
ethos eat drink4$$$Modern AustralianRestaurantDinner
Red Velvet Lounge4$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Clemens Hill Cellar Door and Kitchen4$$Modern AustralianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
The Homestead4$PubPubBurger Challenge (White)Dinner
Cheeky Little Place4$WorldCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Laneway Cafe4$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Fiebiger4$$Modern AustralianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Abundance on the Quay4$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Coal River Farm4$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch
Environs4$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Castle Zayee4$$ChineseRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Ranelagh General Store4$BurgersCafeBurger Challenge (White)Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Robbie Brown's4$$CocktailsCocktail BarLunch, Dinner
Providence Cafe4$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Tombolo4$$PizzaCafeBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ashmore on Bridge Street4$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Three Japanese4$$JapaneseRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Saigon Express Restaurant4$VietnameseRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Westend Pumphouse4$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Moto Vecchia4$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Brat Time4$Hot DogsRestaurantLunch, Dinner
The Barrel Restaurant (Velo Wines)4$$Modern AustralianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Taco Taco4$Fast foodFood TruckLunch, Dinner
Phuong's Vietnamese4$VietnameseRestaurantLunch, dinner
The Hairy Giraffe4$$Modern AustralianCafeBurger Challenge (White)Breakfast, Lunch
Global Kitchen4$WorldCafeLunch
Tricycle4$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Van Demons Cafe de Wheels4$Fast foodFood TruckLunch, Dinner
Stevo's Takeaway4$Fast foodTakeawayBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch
Alexander's4$$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
The Standard4$BurgersTakeawayBurger Challenge (White)Breakfast, Lunch
Kopitiam4$SingaporeanRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
River's Edge Restaurant and Cafe3.5$$Modern AustralianRestaurantLunch
The Drunken Admiral3.5$$SeafoodRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Don Camillo3.5$$$ItalianRestaurantDinner
Moresco3.5$$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
The Providore3.5$$Modern AustralianCafeLunch, Dinner
The Brunswick3.5$$PubPubLunch, Dinner
Devil's Kitchen Cafe3.5$BurgersCafeBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Roaring Grill3.5$$GrillRestaurantLunch, Dinner
The Black Footed Pig3.5$$TapasRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Mohr and Smith3.5$$Modern AustralianRestaurantBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Point Revolving Restaurant3.5$$$FrenchRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Chikko Cafe3.5$VietnameseCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Chrome Coffee Lounge3.5$$Modern AustralianCafeBurger Challenge (White)Breakfast, Lunch
Sons of Baja3.5$$MexicanRestaurantLunch, Dinner
South Seas Cocktail Lounge3.5$$CocktailsCocktail BarDinner
Argyle Street Takeaway3.5$Fast foodTakeawayBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch
Shoebox Cafe3.5$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
PerMission to Eat3.5$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Venus Lifestyle3.5$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Mandarin Duck3.5$ChineseRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Coterie and Co.3.5$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Pigeon Hole Cafe3.5$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
The Mill on Morrison3.5$$Modern AustralianRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Salamanca Wharf cafe3$$Modern AustralianCafeBurger Challenge (White)Breakfast, Lunch
Jam Jar Lounge Cafe3$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Will's House3$$ChineseRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Mulan3$$ChineseRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Patanella3$ItalianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Remi de Provence3$$FrenchRestaurantLunch, Dinner
Darcy's Cafe3$Fast foodCafeBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch
Langridge Store3$Fast foodTakeawayBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch
Cambridge Kitchen3$Fast foodTakeawayBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch
Coffee Away3$CoffeeCoffee ShopBreakfast, Lunch
Pollen Tea Room3$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Plumb Cafe3$$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
Naked Bike Cafe3$Modern AustralianCafeBurger Challenge (White)Breakfast, Lunch
Lifebuoy Cafe3$Modern AustralianCafeBreakfast, Lunch
pOp Cafe3$$BurgersCafeBurger Challenge (White)Breakfast, Lunch
Atlantis Takeaway2.5$Fast foodTakeawayBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch
Burger Me2.5$BurgersCafeBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
The Burger Haus2.5$$BurgersRestaurantBurger Challenge (White)Lunch, Dinner
Burger Got Soul2$$BurgersRestaurantBurger Challenge (White)Lunch, Dinner
Gormanston Takeaway1.5$Fast foodTakeawayBurger Challenge (Blue)Breakfast, Lunch
The Manor Grill1$$GrillRestaurantBreakfast, Dinner

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It’s worth noting that this is the most accurate and up-to-date scoring for each venue. As the years go by and we complete more Tasmanian food reviews, some calibration of the scoring is needed. We prefer not to go back and rewrite dozens of blog entries, so we’ve tweaked this table instead.