Food from Tasmania

Whether it’s a burger with the lot or a degustation showcasing the fantastic local produce, here is a guide to some of the best (and worst!) restaurants and foods that you can find in our home state of Tasmania.

Pearl and CoPearl and Co

Popping rocks at Pearl + Co.

Pearl + Co. may be one of the new kids on the block, but they are already making the best possible mark on Hobart.

It is no exaggeration whatsoever when we say that Joel, Maylis and the rest of the team are delivering one of the most creative, balanced and inspiring dining experiences that you will find anywhere in Tasmania right now.

And besides…they’ve got lime green pop rocks and nothing can top that!

Burger JunkieBurger Junkie

Burger Challenge at Burger Junkie

We were worried that we would leave Tasmania’s shores without ever having the opportunity to try some of the exciting new burger options that have emerged in and around Launceston in the last couple of years. An unexpected change to our holiday plans meant that we had the chance to try the burgers from Burger Junkie, one of Launceston’s most recommended food trucks. So, how did they stack up against their southern counterparts…?

Smolt KitchenSmolt Kitchen

Smolt Kitchen and the Time Lords

Smolt Kitchen is one of those venues that you would be proud to call your ‘local’. We gave them time, and they used to it to great effect. At its heart the food really stands out as something special. And then in support you have a really interesting wine list with clear influences from heavy-hitters Frank and Smolt. If you’re looking for a meal with a difference, and don’t mind forking out for quality, drop by Smolt Kitchen and see what you think!

The Glass House HobartThe Glass House Hobart

No joke, it’s The Glass House!

The Glass House boldly proclaim their presence as ‘redefining style on Hobart’s waterfront’. Lofty ambitions. While it would be a stretch to claim all the glory with a sensational venue such as Aloft perched atop their broad rafters, they certainly take a lead role! At The Glass House, Style is queen and she reigns supreme!