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Cold soup at Kalnciema Food and Craft Market - Latvian food in RigaBiešu zupa or cold beetroot soup - A Latvian classic, and sensational on a summer day. Beetroot, kefir, mustard (horseradish?), spring onion...mmm...

Kalnciema Iela. Funny name, but the best Latvian food in Riga!

While central Riga is a must for any tourist to Latvia’s fair shores, take the time to cross the Daugava River to Agenskalns and Tornakalns and you’ll find yourself in a foodie paradise! There’s a real buzz on the western shore and you’ll not only get a great feed of traditional Latvian food, but you’ll find yourself surrounded by both culture AND some of the most gorgeous suburban parks you’ll ever see in your life!

Pearl and CoPearl and Co

Popping rocks at Pearl + Co.

Pearl + Co. may be one of the new kids on the block, but they are already making the best possible mark on Hobart.

It is no exaggeration whatsoever when we say that Joel, Maylis and the rest of the team are delivering one of the most creative, balanced and inspiring dining experiences that you will find anywhere in Tasmania right now.

And besides…they’ve got lime green pop rocks and nothing can top that!