Travel Vietnam

From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, your experiences are bound to be as diverse as the country is long. The food is incredible and the people welcoming…it’s the perfect place to defrost and immerse yourself in a new, exciting culture!

Mai ChauMai Chau

One day in Mai Chau | Vietnam

The scenery around the little known Mai Chau was breath taking in its scale and beauty. We saw the odd tourist van pulling into one of the villages, or the occasional cycling tour, but for the most part you’ll hardly see another westerner all day, if at all! The landscape is perfect for both cycling and walking, making it the ideal destination for those that appreciate the sun on their back and the trail under their feet! Take the road less travelled and experience this wonderful part of the world before it too gets consumed by the mighty dollar.

Tu LanTu Lan

Tu Lan caving, an experience of a lifetime!

Exploring the caverns, rivers and jungles around Vietnam’s Tu Lan cave system with Oxalis may be one of the most expensive activities you’ll do anywhere in Vietnam, but the experience is worth every cent. We went in with high expectations, and we walked out exceeding every single one. This was the tour of a lifetime!


Things to Do in One Day in Hue | Vietnam

Hue is a small city with a very rich history. The food in Hue is renowned around the country for its refinement, a legacy of its imperial days, and when you eventually tire of traipsing around tombs and temples there will always be a new ‘quan’ at which to pull up a miniature plastic stool, stretch the legs and try some new flavour combinations!

Nha Trang Feature

One Day in Nha Trang | Vietnam

It’s impossible to encompass everything that Nha Trang has to offer in the space of only a single day, yet this walking-tour itinerary does give you a pretty good insight into the neon-shrouded soul of the city. Beaches, markets, temples, art and a whole lot of food…it’s got the lot!