Food from Japan

Ishigaki Boif!!

We had half a day to spend in Ishigaki before catching our plane to Tokyo. We probably could have taken the bus out of town to visit some of the […]

Typhoon…pffft…Ishigaki, Japan

Over the last week or two we had been watching the Japanese cyclone warnings with very great interest, as there was a typhoon slowly making its way towards the island […]

Sweet potato liquor…?!

Today was a transit day between Miyajima and Kagoshima by train for the most part. Our hotel (Remm Hotel) in Kagoshima was chosen without many reviews to back to it […]

A day in Miyajima

As with many of the major tourist towns in Japan, Miyajima has a ropeway that can take you to the top of Mt Misen in the blink of an eye, […]