Travel Japan

Pikachu, bidets and the crazy experience that is the ‘onsen’…Japan was one big culture shock for us, but in the best way possible. Come with us as we explore the bizarre, the beautiful and the delicious!

Japan Travel Planner

General Tools Hyperdia¬†– your one-stop-shop for planning transport across Japan. Planes, trains (Shinkansen and local), buses, trams, they’re all there and they are all accurate! We would have been lost […]


Bidets and jackhammers

If you don’t want to get ‘down and dirty’, then please stop here, because it’s going to get intimate… Hands up any of you that have used a bidet? I’m […]


I think a momentary diversion from nude dudes is in order… While up in the mountains in Hokkaido we were really keen to lay eyes on four native animals: Northern […]

The art of onsen

When telling people that we were going to be travelling to Japan, the conversations inevitably gravitated towards four things: earthquakes; tsunamis; volcanos; and nuclear meltdowns! At a glance all four […]

Bathroom habits of Japan

Consider yourself warned, this blog is going to get ‘intimate’…!! When travelling to another country, you don’t normally need to think twice about the way in which you intend to […]

Ishigaki Boif!!

We had half a day to spend in Ishigaki before catching our plane to Tokyo. We probably could have taken the bus out of town to visit some of the […]