Hot chips for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do!

It was quite odd staying at the Mitsui Garden Hotel, as we were suddenly thrust into the midst of dozens of westerners! It’s a really odd feeling when you’ve been staying in some very remote locations where you might only see one western tourist per day, to suddenly see all these people with white skin and blonde hair walking around! We really do look quite odd…

Breakfast at the hotel was a rather epic affair! It had a very western bent, and of all things they were serving hot chips!! Of course I couldn’t resist and loaded up my plate a couple of times because they were seriously (and very surprisingly) tasty!

To top it all off, they also had a giant jar of what tasted very much like Nutella for spreading on your pastry selection! Again, we couldn’t say no…twice…

Hot chips for breakfast!

After visiting the local Ladurée maccaron store and picking up some tasty morsels, we checked out and caught the train back to the airport where we made our connection through to Ishigaki.

Laduree for morning tea!