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A Teenager's Poetry

Oh joy…today was the day we finally decided to clean out our back room. While we were pretty ruthless in the end, there were still quite a few sentimental items […]

In Memory of Abby

Descent into memory through a tear drop lens. Cold greeting echoes, nothing remains but a hollow reminder of our faithful friend. The heart wrenching silence, when three become two. Rest in […]

Metal snake – The Shinkansen

There’s something about trains. It’s the last day of our JR Railpass and I’m sitting back in a Shinkansen, speeding between Hiroshima and Kagoshima at some ungodly speed. Without distraction, […]


“Fear is a big thing in my life. When I experience it, it helps me choose what to do. What I’m interested in is going where I’ve never been. Fear […]