Metal snake – The Shinkansen

There’s something about trains.

It’s the last day of our JR Railpass and I’m sitting back in a Shinkansen, speeding between Hiroshima and Kagoshima at some ungodly speed. Without distraction, as I fall back to that state halfway between wake and sleep…

The gentle rolling gait, hypnotic clackety-clack of the wheels, occasional random burst of mech noise as a door is briefly opened then closed. Whether the pace is fast or slow, I always find myself drifting into a state of calm contemplation, watching the world drift by. Kind of a problem when you’re on a subway train in peak hour…but I’m not, and I’m loving it!

I don’t have the faintest idea when it comes to the nuts and bolts (literally) of trains, but I know there are some that do, so these photos are for you.