Breakfast at Phoenix and the Wolf – Perth, Tasmania [now closed]

This was going to be a story about a name.

Unlike like an accidental plot reveal, or a ‘tell all’ expose of a magicians art, a palette of grey paints life at its most vibrant.

Questions of why, how and who, so important to an experience built on immutable axioms and the foundation of logic, yet whose answers remain unfulfilling in their hard edged certainty.

“Phoenix and the Wolf” – What does it mean?

I know the answer, but do I really want to? Our relationship with memory is increasingly paradoxical. As the digital expands, the human contracts, and becomes ever more valuable for its dearth. When it comes to such a constraint equation, which answer do I retain? The one that is right, or the one that matters? Or do we again fall back on our palette of grey?

And so it is with our perceptions of food. If you’re looking for a traditional review of a meal consumed, then, for today anyway, you’re knocking at the wrong door.

The facts are there for all to see. With this you can’t argue.

Owner: Sean Keating, chef and ex-Josef Chromy kitchen maestro.
Front of House: Damien Webber, the man with ten green thumbs and a passion for produce of the soil.
Ethos: Ethically raised meat viewed through paleo tinted glasses.
Provisions: Breakfast, lunch, cakes, coffee, charcuterie, bakery, organic herbs and vegetables. Good enough?
Location: 86 Main Rd, in the spiritual home of Perth. Give us this day our daily bread…
Times: 8am-4pm, 5 days per week (Wed-Sun), spring/summer/autumn.

Perhaps I should describe my experience, as I have countless times before? Critically analyse the interplay in flavours and textures. Cast an eye over the aesthetics and assess their service ethic?

I probably should, but I won’t. I’m going to leave this experience in your hands. Go for a drive, explore your local backyard and create your own truth. If you feel like it, let me know what you think. Or don’t. I’m with Freddie Mercury when it comes to deciding what matters and what doesn’t. What I do care about is that it matters to you.

Phoenix & the Wolf

Phoenix & the Wolf

Phoenix & the Wolf

Phoenix & the Wolf

Welcome to Phoenix & the Wolf

Welcome to Phoenix & the Wolf

Bread and meat - essentials for life

Bread and meat – essentials for life

Ugg Boot

The ‘Ugg Boot’ – Thick cut pan fried toast, with sausage, jalapeño, fried egg, spinach leaves & cheese ($15.50) – (unfortunately the egg slid off before I could take a photo!)

- don't let the shades of brown fool you...

Southern fried chicken bits, buckwheat and buttermilk pancakes, smoked maple bacon jam ($16.50) – don’t let the shades of brown fool you…

Assorted cakes and biscuits!

Assorted cakes and biscuits!

Morning light

Morning light

A table for four

A table for four

Fresh herbs

Fresh herbs for your olfactory pleasure!

Despite my best esoteric intentions, a score is still required. So here ’tis…

Flavours – 9/10
Menu – 10/10
Ambience – 9/10
Service – 9/10
Value – 10/10

Overall – 9/10

If you’d like another perspective, I also recommend reading Cathryn’s perspective over at the fantastic Heads Up Food Guide to Eating Out in Launceston. You can find her article here.

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  1. Really enjoyed Phoenix & the Wolf. Food and drinks were great. Super charming place. The people were also wonderfully nice. My wife is from this town and I just wish they were open more days than Thurs – Sun!

    1. Good to hear that they haven’t dropped the quality of their food since my last visit. They would have to be one of the best lunch options anywhere in Tasmania!

  2. I was a semi regular patron of utsi for many years and enjoyed the food, people and space. I have tried the new incarnation and just find the food a little ‘specialised’ for my taste. I found the service perfunctory at best. Maybe it was just teething troubles as it was in the early days. I hope so as the concept is good and the garden is lovely and I wish the new owner success.

    1. I can understand where you’re coming from raralee. The menu isn’t ‘traditional’ by any means! We found the service to be on the mark during our visit. Definitely worth a return visit to see if it may have simply been an off day the first time you visited.

  3. As a local I am more than familiar with this great cafe (and it’s previous incarnation) and it was lovely seeing it through another’s eyes. I find the menu exciting and most importantly seasonal. I keep wanting to taste Sean’s tangy sour dough over and over. Like Mignon said “So much love and thought has gone into each meal”

    1. We enjoyed Ut Si as well. A shame we can’t have both 🙂 A changing menu is so important, keeping things fresh for both the patrons and the chef, while also making the most of the seasonal produce. We’re going to have to make our way back to Perth sometime soon I reckon!

  4. We were there yesterday and totally agree, amazing food, great ambience- almost Zen like, so reasonably priced and just loved watching Sean plating up. So much love and thought has gone into each meal. Love love love it …going back at the very next opportunity.

    1. And that’s exactly why I didn’t need to say what I thought about the meals. You’ve summed it up perfectly! I just wish we lived a little bit closer 🙂

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