Travel Japan

Pikachu, bidets and the crazy experience that is the ‘onsen’…Japan was one big culture shock for us, but in the best way possible. Come with us as we explore the bizarre, the beautiful and the delicious!

wtf #7….

Hmmm…saggy dudes with wedgies certainly make me hungry for snacks!!

Circle work – Yakushima, Japan

Today we decided to give our weary bodies a rest and do a circumnavigation of Yakushima island (yes, a tautology for those that way inclined). We went clockwise and made […]

The eight legged wonders of Japan

Remember those horror stories they used to scare you with on school camp? The one where the catchphrase of the story was, “Whatever you do, DON’T LOOK UP!”? Yeah, well…we […]

Sweet potato liquor…?!

Today was a transit day between Miyajima and Kagoshima by train for the most part. Our hotel (Remm Hotel) in Kagoshima was chosen without many reviews to back to it […]

Red toriis – Miyajima, Tokyo

Both mornings in Miyajima I got up before sunrise (5:05 for a 6:05 sunrise) to get some shots of the famous torii gate. The first morning the tide was out, […]

A day in Miyajima

As with many of the major tourist towns in Japan, Miyajima has a ropeway that can take you to the top of Mt Misen in the blink of an eye, […]