Red toriis – Miyajima, Tokyo

Both mornings in Miyajima I got up before sunrise (5:05 for a 6:05 sunrise) to get some shots of the famous torii gate. The first morning the tide was out, so that let me get up close and personal with the gate, whereas on the second day the tide was in, resulting the effect of the gate ‘floating’ on the water.
We also went for a walk each evening after the crowds had left, during which I also took a few night shots of the gate and adjacent temples.
For anyone thinking of visiting Miyajima I thoroughly recommend staying the night, as the experience of walking through the ancient streets and alleyways, without the thronging crowds, was just incredible!

From the less-photographed northern side of the gate

From the southern side

As the tide was out I was able walk right up to the torii gate!

At high tide they take boats through the gate and people throw money overboard for good luck

The five tiered pagoda in the middle of town

The next morning, this time with the tide in