Circle work – Yakushima, Japan

Today we decided to give our weary bodies a rest and do a circumnavigation of Yakushima island (yes, a tautology for those that way inclined).

We went clockwise and made stops at a tidal rockpool, massive waterfall (Oko-no-taki), and lighthouse (complete with hidden shrine!).

Tidal rockpools at Tzukazaki, Kurio

Oko-no-taki waterfall (another tautology), on the west coast of Yakushima

Lighthouse on the west coast of Yakushima

A really relaxing drive, taking us around four or five hours. Could have done it much quicker if they’d let you drive at more than 40km/hr! Seriously! There are only a handful of stretches on the whole island where you can drive at the lightning fast speed of 50km/hr! Mind you, with the number of deer and other wildlife running amok it’s probably a good idea.

Not much more to say, except that we finished off the day with a bath at the local onsen (no photos obviously!), fed by sulfuric water naturally bubbling up through the rocks at a cozy temperature of around 44-49°C!

Beers, sushi, snacks, and then bed.