Food from Tasmania

Whether it’s a burger with the lot or a degustation showcasing the fantastic local produce, here is a guide to some of the best (and worst!) restaurants and foods that you can find in our home state of Tasmania.


Aloft Restaurant | Hobart

“Aloft isn’t just a restaurant – it’s an experience.” Our meal was exciting, deliciously satisfying, and memorable for all the right reasons. With a little more time under their belts we can only imagine what recognition they’ll be receiving from their peers and the public alike!

Urban GreekUrban Greek

Urban Greek | Hobart

Urban Greek provided us with excellent service, a convivial and relaxing atmosphere, and fantastic food with a difference. You don’t need an adventurous palate to enjoy this style of food, and we encourage you to experience the hospitality of the Kakkos family and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

Jack greeneJack greene

Burger Challenge at Jack Greene | Hobart

Would you like a burger with that testosterone? It’s a great venue with a distinctly hipster vibe, but that’s not such burden when it can also cure male-pattern hair loss. For a waterfront venue where quality is so often sacrificed in the pursuit of the dollar, and where preying on understandable tourist ignorance is commonplace, Jack Greene really surprised us both. The food is delicious, the service friendly and the location simply perfect for a sunny afternoon. The prices are high, but you won’t walk away feeling one kidney lighter.


templo | Hobart

Effortlessly combining the modern brilliance of Franklin with the cosy familiarity of your own backyard on a summer’s day, templo brings to Hobart a much needed window into the best traditions and ingredients of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Fuel So GoodFuel So Good

Fuel So Good | Hobart

What is the world coming to when you’re considering a bowl of sprouted quinoa over a double Whopper with cheese?!! The words keep getting stuck in my throat…”It’s healthy, and I liked it!”. I’m sure you will too. This is one of Hobart’s best!

Pancho Villa | Hobart

Considering they come with a back story of burgers, pizza and anti pasto, the team behind Pancho Villa have exceeded all expectations. To be honest, I’m astonished. The standards they have already set, even so early in their life, are supremely high and will be hard to beat. I can only imagine how good Pancho Villa is going to be in a couple of months time with a few more menu tweaks and few thousand hours of service under their belts!

Mandarin DuckMandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck | Hobart

Duck is truly a gift from the gods, and the team behind Mandarin Duck know how to treat their produce with the respect it deserves. With the duck alone I would have been happy, yet to find such a satisfying range of dumplings and other small dishes on offer was a welcome surprise, and reason enough to return.