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Plumb Cafe isn’t your average cafe. Instead of Windies foodies, the wide open expanses of Bellerive Oval (I refuse to call it Blundstone Arena) are more of a haven for sports lovers, plastic cup of Cascade draft in one hand and a hot pie in the other!

Plumb Cafe - Bellerive Oval

Plumb Cafe – Bellerive Oval

I wasn’t the first through the gate, perhaps third man? It was happy days for the whole team, a 7am start ruling out the chance of an early finish due to poor light.

Plumb Cafe - Bellerive Oval

Plumb Cafe – Bellerive Oval

Being the last Friday of the working year all you really want is to get off to a good solid start. No chance on this occasion, with a little chit chat sparking up between our event organiser and the official on duty regarding an alleged booking for five, not eight as we had requested. There was no need for spin so early in the peace, when all that was needed was to respond to our queries with a straight bat. It’s just not cricket!

A sticky wicket early on, but after we took matters into our own hands and commandeered an extra table while the official was looking the other way, we were set! I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that she may have been brought back on side after a brief consultation with the third umpire.

Menus had been passed around and before long our maiden again trundled in from the Church Street end and started taking down the order. Such a relief to see that there were no slips.

What should we open with? Drinks!

While we waited for drinks to be brought on, it was time to distribute our presents from St Nick, with mine arriving in a plastic box offering little to no protection whatsoever.

I have to say, it is the best Secret Santa gift I have EVER received!! So much thought and effort had gone into its creation. Whoever you are, my sincerest thanks!

Two Clowns Tripping action figurine!!

Two Clowns Tripping action figurine!!

The ‘Ageless One’ on the other hand found herself with her hands firmly grasped around the next of what looked to be a golden duck of all things…but no, on closer inspection it was actually a yellow dead rubber chicken. Oh joy!

As is our yuletide tradition, crackers were cracked and crepe paper hat tricks were performed by all and sundry.

I once auditioned for The Price is Right...can you tell?

I once auditioned for The Price is Right…can you tell?

Time for a second perusal of the menu…

Sadly there were no cherries, no catch of the day, no French cuts of beef, nor century egg to satiate our hunger. A good thing the rest of the menu looked quite fine!

Plumb Cafe MenuPlumb Cafe Menu

The Plumb ‘Lazy Breakfast’ was a popular selection. $17 for toast, eggs (your choice which way) and the works!

Plumb 'Lazy Breakfast'

Plumb ‘Lazy Breakfast’

I was after something a little different, selecting the Smokey Ham-Joe Sandwich for $12. Double smoked legside ham, cheddar, tomato and relish between two toasted slices of bread, with a fried egg on top.

Smokey 'Ham Joe' Sandwich

Smokey ‘Ham-Joe’ Sandwich

Just like one of Warney’s best, there was a little bit of zip and bite to this delivery courtesy of the relish (I’m sure I detected a decent vein of seeded mustard in there as well?). The ham and cheese was nice, as was the perfectly fried egg on top. Call me a wrong’un if you will, but even with the benefit of the doubt I have to say that while it was a more than decent delivery, overall I wasn’t bowled over. I suspect even a referral to the decision review system would support the original adjudication.


It would be easy to dismiss Plumb as just another cafe, but the menu does offer some points of difference to many other cafes out there. On a return visit I’d be keen to try the Buttermilk Pancakes, the Smoked Salmon Benny, or perhaps the Cheese and Corn Fritters.

It’s such a Boon to see the number of breakfast options on the eastern shore slowly but surely expanding for all the Punters out there, it is God’s side of the river after all!

And as that’s over, I’ll up stumps, put the gloves away and say auf Wiedersehen, adios, au revoir and ciao.

Oh wait…don’t tell me…it couldn’t be…was that… FOUR BYES?!!!

More info?

Plumb can be found at the River End of Bellerive Oval. There’s plenty of parking at the foot of the broad steps leading up the cafe.

You can find out more on their Facebook page here – Plumb on Facebook

Mon-Fri: 7:30am-2:30pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-2pm


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Plumb Cafe

Plumb Cafe

Plumb Cafe

Plumb Cafe

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