2015 Southern Tasmanian Cellar Door Open Weekend | Tasmania

It’s that time of year again!! The first weekend in March may go unmarked for many, but for lovers of the vine it’s like Easter come early! Or is it Christmas come late…?

While many vineyards in the south of Tasmania are open day in day out, it is on this weekend alone that some of the smaller, boutique cellars open their doors to the public.

From Middleton, Gardner’s Bay and Cygnet in the far south, to Dunalley, Orford and Bicheno on the East Coast, this is the only opportunity us mere mortals will have to taste small batch wines from some of these wineries for the next 12 months!

Initially I thought it was simply an oversight, but after watching these events come and go year on year, it astounds me that Wine Tasmania focuses solely on The Mercury in the advertisement of this fantastic couple of days. Blink and you’ll miss the one liner on their website here. Facebook is actually a thing you know? Twitter much? I don’t get it…

EDIT: As you can see from one of my reader’s comments below, it appears that Wine Tasmania have no ownership of this event. Instead, responsibility lies predominantly with The Mercury newspaper, which makes a lot more sense.

Anyway, in the interests of promoting the local wine industry (or is it a case of surrounding myself with as many booze-hounds as possible so as to make myself look more sober?), I’ve taken the time to photograph and upload each of the pages from the Mercury lift-out guide to the Southern Tasmanian Cellar Door Open Weekend.

While there are many old favourites on offer such as Pages Creek, Clemens Hill and Milton, there are some much smaller venues making an appearance that we are very keen to explore.

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Have a browse, plan your itinerary and designate a driver…this is going to be one awesome weekend!!