Asahidake, you're the one…

So much for hiking up Mt Asahidake (rhymes with rubber ducky). This was the view at the bottom of the ropeway (a cable car in Aussie-speak)…

And this was the view at the first ‘lookout’…

We had planned to hike up to the summit, which should have taken 4-5 hours all up, but instead we walked the tracks that surrounded Sugatami Pond at the top of the ropeway. Not quite what we were expecting, but a good day nonetheless!

We took the earlier bus back to Asahikawa and spent the day wandering the mall that runs through the centre of town.

Dinner was at a great restaurant called Tenkin. The menu was really extensive, and actually gave us the option of whale!!

Of course, we couldn’t just stop at one dish each, so we got a half dozen or so to share (apologies for the poor quality, but these were taken on the phone camera).




Yakitori (the worst was liver…again…but the best was the crunchy chicken skin yakitori!!)


Tomorrow we transit to Sounkyo for more hiking!

We’ll be glad to get out of our room…there’s barely room to swing a cat!

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  1. Hi Andrew! I’ve a silly question. Was it extremely chilly when you guys were there in October? I know I shouldn’t look at the picture and gauge, but it looks cold! >.<

    1. I didn’t find it too bad at all. We were there late September and I reckon it might have been around 10-15 degrees Celsius during the day. We were wearing a couple of layers on top (with a light waterproof jacket as well) and a pair of long pants most of the time. The day we went up to Sugatami ponds it was grey and drizzly, but it wasn’t windy so it wasn’t too bad.

      When staying at Sounkyo we climbed Mt Kurodake and were really surprised to find out that it was only about 2 degrees Celsius up the top and yet we still felt fine (for the first 10 minutes or so after stopping anyway…then the cold started to seep into our bones)! Mind you, it was a sunny day without any wind.

      Due to the clouds and mist we didn’t climb Mt Asahidake, but I imagine it would be similar to Kurodake, so you’ll want to make sure you take up some extra pieces of warm clothing in a backpack. The weather up on the mountain can change really quickly so we made sure we had an extra warm jumper, water/wind proof jacket, thermal pants and thermal top packed away. I believe that it actually snowed up there a week or two after we left, so I think we were a little bit lucky weather wise 🙂

      1. Yikes! Sorry for the late reply. I had thought I replied. Will definitely be bringing something for the cold. Just got our JR passes and can’t wait! Thank you, Andrew, for the awesome tips and reply 🙂

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