Is that a burger in your Budgie Smuggler? – Hobart, TAS

Budgie Smugglers would have to be the most unlikely looking fast food joint in Hobart by a long shot!

With a garish, yet rather plump budgie proudly adorning the pale pink brick wall, and a facade like a dilapidated petrol station from the 1960s, you’re much more likely to cross the road than to take a risk on a meal at this place!!

But I knew better. Against all common sense, I had heard too many accounts of burger magnificence to be able to pass this place by. Perhaps the ‘best in Hobart’ even…?? We’ll see about that!

Walking across the road my ears were assaulted by the screeching of a couple of sea gulls feasting on scraps in the bins out the front. A couple sat by the window chatting. Green paint is everywhere! How could this possibly be a good idea? I’d bet good money on being greeted by reheated, heavy, nasty burgers lying limply under an incandescent globe…

The (green) sign adorning the wall looked promising though.

“Best burgers…in Hobart” – Grand claim, I have my doubts.

“Made to order at any time” – Sounds promising.

“Beef, chicken, steak and lamb” – Lamb?! Now THAT’s different! (No budgie thank goodness!)

Walking inside my initial reservations weren’t helped by seeing a glass cabinet containing a few pieces of typical deep fried fast food, but I was up for a challenge!

With a very warm greeting the lady behind the counter asked me what I was after. Having some time on my hands, and not seeing any burgers in the cabinet, I asked whether they could cook up a traditional beef burger from scratch. As it was around 4:00pm with very few customers passing through, I fully expected her to apologise and decline. But no, the grill was cranking within seconds!

I sat myself at the counter out the front, availed myself of the complimentary newspaper, and watched the sea gulls fight.

Only a couple of minutes later I was interrupted by an “Excuse me!”.

“Here we go…” was the first thought that crossed my mind. Something must have gone wrong. But how wrong I was!

“We seem to have cooked up a few pieces of bacon by mistake. Would you like us to add them to your burger?”

Say what?!!! Do I want bacon on my burger?!! Crispy, salty and oh so juicy rashers of pan fried heaven?!! Yes please!! Cram as many of those bad boys in as the laws of physics allow!!

Another 10 minutes or so later and it arrived. Wrapped in innocuous white paper, it’s size was promising.

Upon opening Budgie Smuggler’s package I knew I was in for a treat!

Fresh egg, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, bacon, beef patty, mustard and sauce. The ultimate combination!! It was so jam packed that I may have even missed some ingredients!

And you know the best thing?

It’s one of those little details that so many burger joints get wrong. Yes, more can be better, but at the end of the day you still need to be able to wrap your laughing gear around a burger to get it in your belly! While I love heaps of toppings, any burger aficionado will tell you it’s very bad form if the burger is so tall that your jaw starts cramping up in your futile attempt to get everything in!

This sucker was perfect! The golden ratio of filling to height! (There’s a very rewarding mathematics thesis in that I reckon…)

I do tend to wax lyrical about some of the places I’ve visited and meals I’ve eaten, but this was one seriously good burger!

Is it the best in Hobart?

It’s hard to say, but it’s definitely top 2! I haven’t written a review on the Red Jaffa yet, but for some time now I’ve thought they had the perfect burger. Until Budgie Smugglers. I have to be honest and declare it a tie.

That has to be a win-win situation thought doesn’t it? Two awesome burger joints, one in the CBD (Budgie Smugglers) and one in the northern suburbs only a few minutes from work (Red Jaffa). It doesn’t get any better than that!

But forgetting all that food porn…can someone tell me why on earth a burger joint would call themselves ‘Budgie Smugglers’?!!

Taste – 5/5
Patty – 5/5
Bun – 4/5
Ingredients – 4/5
Condiments – 5/5
Presentation – 4/5
Stuffable – Yes
Value – 5/5

Overall – 4.5/5

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