Cambodia, Day 4 – Miss Wong’s Cocktails!!

After a day spent cycling the countryside and cruising around in boats, we were in dire need of some refreshment!!

A short walk into town and we found ourselves in one of the most gorgeous bars I’ve come across in a long long time! Miss Wong’s has a sensational menu and the quality of the cocktails was second to none.

The pick of them all (and we did try a few!) was the Lemongrass Collins by a long shot. When I can get my hands on some super fresh lemongrass I’m actually going to try and make my own vodka infusion, and then try and replicate this nectar from the gods!!

Photo caption anyone?!!

Tin Tin!!

Pub Street

Siem reap madness!


The night market

Miss Wong’s!!

Miss Wong’s

Lemongrass Collins and a China White. Yummo!!

Clown #2 🙂

After a few drinks, our appetite had started to attack with great vengeance!

We were walking down pub street scanning the various menus to see what took our fancy, when we came across a restaurant that was offering a grill selection where you cook the meat at your own table. The clincher? The fact that they were offering crocodile, snake and frog on the menu!!

All three tasted fantastic! The frog tasted like chicken (clichéd, but true!), the crocodile tasted like fishy chicken (sounds weird, but tasted awesome!), and the snake tasted like sweet, crunchy, barbecued awesomeness (with a hint of chicken!).

‘Traditional’ Khmer BBQ. You cook the strips of meat in the middle of the bowl, while your broth is boiling away, with vegetable inside, around the rim.

Two Clowns + 1 Photo Bomber that I didn’t realise was there until 10 minutes ago!!

Customers enjoying their meal next to us

To finish the night, we were dying for something sweet for dessert.

Blue Pumpkin to the rescue!!

This place served some of the tastiest ice cream I’ve ever eaten! In Cambodia of all places??!!

The unanimous favourite for us both was one call Cinnamon and Speculoos. If you’re Dutch you’ve probably heard of Speculoos. If you’re not, you probably haven’t!! It’s actually a spicy shortcrust biscuit, and the people at Blue Pumpkin have broken it up into chunks and swirled it through some cinnamon flavoured ice cream. Sensational!!

Blue Pumpkin

The awesome ‘lounge’ bar at the top of Blue Pumpkin. A fully stocked bar, with massive bean bags lining the walls for you to sit on while you consume your desserts!


More temples!!