It’s a blog!!

After much deliberation, procrastination and prevarication, it’s time to acknowledge the voices in my head!

No longer will I sit in the dark, uploading photos for my own private gratification! Gone are the days of luscious 20MB uploads devoid of noise, nefarious dust bunnies and any hint of context. Bring on the new era I say!

Grainy jpgs, fuzzy focus, blown highlights and a healthy dose of long-winded story-telling all combine to give you a taste of our life on the road!

So just who is it that you’re trusting your precious interwebz time to? Well, have we got a treat for you!! This blog is brought to you by none other than yours truly, with special commentary from that enigmatic tour de force, and fellow bon vivant, otherwise known as… “The Enforcer”!

Guaranteed to provide a moment’s distraction from the daily grind, hopefully put a smile on your face, and quite possibly reinforce the feeling that we’re both just a little bit ‘odd’. This is our annual odyssey; escaping the grind and experiencing the back streets and by-roads of a foreign land.

So saddle up, wet the whistle, and click the ‘Follow’ button if you’re keen to join the joy ride Roxette-style!