Makgeolli, the new beer! – South Korea

It’s a big call, but I’ve found an alcoholic beverage that is better than beer!!

It’s name? Makgeolli!!


I know, I can’t believe it either, but while having dinner a couple of days ago (blood sausage and squid!) we asked for a bottle of the local brew, makgeolli, and were served one that had been brewed from corn (I think?).

Corn makgeolli!

So good…

Absolutely amazing!!

Things I love about makgeolli:

  • It’s brewed from rice (I don’t know that I love it because of that…but it’s a cool fact anyway);
  • Has about the same percentage alcohol as beer;
  • Is light on the fizz (so you can slam it down fast!);
  • Is drunk out of a bowl;
  • Is only slightly sweet;
  • Tastes sensational!!
  • It’s dirt cheap (here anyway).

Things I don’t love about makgeolli:

  • It looks like yak’s milk.

The big question I have is…can you buy it in Hobart, Tasmania?