Phuong’s Vietnamese zombie pho | Hobart

Like a good little zombie, Phuong’s Vietnamese is back from the dead!

Sweaty thighs on vinyl, the rattle and hum of heavy traffic filtering in through the open doors, homemade food photos gracing the walls…one slurp of the hot, anise spiced broth and we were back in Hanoi’s hectic humidity.

Understandably lacking some of the depth of flavour that only generations of tradition and repetition can bring, Phuong’s beef pho is still a remarkable creation, and the perfect antidote to a chilly Electrona evening. The herbs are fresh, the chilli hot, the beef delightfully thin, and the entire package as close to the real thing as you’ll get anywhere in Tasmania!

Die hard traditionalists will lament the missing bowl of ‘add your own’ herbs and other greenery, but the combination will still prove delicious for all but the most fussy!

While tasty, the bánh xèo wasn’t so evocative nor authentic. Edit! but that’s because we never tried bánh xèo from the south of Vietnam, where a Vietnamese friend of mine assures me this is actually how it is served (apparently they reduce in size as you travel Vietnam from south to north). Regardless, it’s bound to be an Aussie winner.

It would be easy to dismiss the rustic facade by the side of the Channel Highway as just another suburban struggler, but do so at your peril. Phuong’s are producing authentic Vietnamese food reflective of both heritage and technique, and no matter how long the drive, you won’t return disappointed!

Where: 2101 Channel Highway, Electrona

When: Monday to Sunday, 12pm – 8:30pm

More info: Phuong’s Vietnamese on Facebook

While bánh mì isn’t on the menu at Phuong’s, if you’re happy to drive to Claremont you can get an awesome bánh mì from Saigon Express. Check out our review here – Saigon Express

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