A very 'special' Japanese tea ceremony

For those that haven’t heard of the Japanese tea ceremony, it’s a highly ritualised process that involves both the careful preparation of the tea, as well as the solemn way in which it is served. I don’t know the full history, but there are elements of zen Buddhism in there as well as much bowing and demonstrations of respect to the recipient etc..

We didn’t feel like drinking tea, so we decided to give the tea ceremony an Aussie flavour! (feel free to substitute “bogan’ for ‘Aussie’)

For the first time in recorded history, let us present to you….the Japanese Beer Ceremony!!

I’m pretty sure the hotel proprietor would have been mortified to see what use we put their lovely tea set to, but hey…we were thirsty.

Stage 1 involves the careful opening of the preferred beer can. Care must be taken, particularly when said beer can has been sitting in a back pack for the past hour or two.

Stage 2 involves the ritualised transferral of the sacred liquid to the receptacle. It is essential that no beer is lost during this process. It is preferred that this transferral is performed from a great height, thus generating ample head and demonstrating the dexterity of the pourer, to much public acclaim.

Stage 3 requires the receiving party to consume the beverage in the swiftest and efficacious manner possible. Everyone loves a good quaff.

Stage 4 may result after participation within consecutive beer ceremonies, and typically consists of studious posing for heirloom photographs, kung fu fighting and generally much mirth and merrymaking for all participants.