When the crowd goes ‘Bo! Selecta!’ – Hong Kong

Another morning, another congee!

This time we took the subway out to Mong Kok station and tracked down a local eatery that would strike fear into the heart of most western diners, myself included! If Karen hadn’t done her research and reassured me it was quite renowned in local circles, I wouldn’t have looked twice at it, and that’s if I could actually find it in the first place!!

Located on the third floor (not sure why all the other guides refer to a 4th floor??) of the Fa Yuen building, Mui Kee Congee is as real and back to basics as it gets!

Mui Kee Congee

More century egg!

It was interesting comparing this congee with the congee that we tried a couple of days ago at Hung Lee. We both agreed that while the congee itself was better at Hung Lee (lighter and with a little bit more flavour), the proteins at Mui Kee were a lot more tasty. If forced to choose, I would go Hung Lee, but you’re not going to be disappointed by either.

Continuing north on the subway, we alighted at Prince Edward station and made the short walk over to the Nan Lian Garden, a fantastic oasis located in the middle of Hong Kong’s maddening rush. The gardens are administered by the Chi Lin Nunnery and offer some gorgeous surrounds in which to immerse yourself for an hour or two (or longer if you’re keen for a lunch).

Nan Lian Garden

Meticulous maintenance

It would have been nice to spend a little more time at the gardens, but we had a a lunch appointment to keep!

In addition to Caprice restaurant, the other ‘must visit’ restaurant on our list was Bo Innovation, a venue that has the privilege of being awarded three Michelin stars!

Caprice served up one of the best meals we’ve ever eaten, so how much better could Bo be?

Located in Wanchai, Bo Innovation is accessed via a lift from the street level. Its style couldn’t be any more different to Caprice, with its modern, uber cool aesthetics (with perhaps a subtle nod to the 80s..?), contrasting strongly with Caprice’s classical, formal setting.

Access to Bo Innovation

Bo Innovation

On the food front, the menus were also diametrically opposed, with Bo offering their modern take on traditional Cantonese dishes, while Caprice focused heavily on its French roots.

Cod ball, cepes, coriander, extra virgin olive oil

Black truffle cheung fun

Deep fried cuttlefish, kaffir lime sauce

Pigeon, shiitake mushroom cake, sour plum infused pigeon jus

Slow cooked suckling pig, Chinese vinegar, egg

Deep fried tofu skin, watermelon ice, sour plum ice…and numerous other ingredients I can’t recall!

It was a ridiculous assault on our senses! The flavours were all extremely refined, and despite the modern twists applied in the kitchen, maintained the traditional authenticity that lay at the heart of each and every dish.

For me the standout had to be the dessert. Such a bizarre combination of ingredients, many of which we see very rarely in modern Australia. My inherently Western palate struggled to embrace it, yet for that reason it will never be forgotten as long as I live!

In hindsight, despite the wonderful meal that it was, Karen I both concurred that Caprice was by far the better experience; better service, a more refined ambience, flawless flavours. How they are two stars and Bo three is beyond me!

Seated local

World’s smallest Maccas?

If Bo Innovation wasn’t enough for one day, we decided to finish off with a dinner at One Dim Sum, another venue with a Michelin star to its name.

Again, another essentially flawless meal! I’ll say no more.

A 30 minute wait they were so busy!

Waiting for the train