A farewell breakfast at Tim Ho Wan – Hong Kong

Seemingly in an instant, our Hong Kong leg of the holiday had come to an end. With a few hours to spare before catching the train out to Incheon Airport, we made our way out to Prince Edward station and walked the last short section in to Tim Ho Wan dim sum restaurant.

I know, I know, its getting really boring hearing it over and over again, but this was another 1 Star venue. They didn’t disappoint either!!

There were two dishes that we both absolutely raved about afterwards, those being the baked pork buns, and the…wait for it…”Tonic medlar and petal cake”!!

Cheung fan, with pork buns in the background

Baked pork bun (not steamed!!)

Every other pork bun I’ve eaten in my life has been of the boiled variety, so to try a baked one was quite a different experience. The filling is essentially the same, but the difference lies in both the more bread-like pastry, and the apparent dusting of sugar on top. It was a lot sweeter than a steamed bun, and that may deter some diners, but I quite liked the accompanying crunch as I bit into the sugar glaze.

Its for these buns that Tim Ho Wan are renowned, and we were quite impressed!

A very odd, yet tasty, combination of steamed dumplings chiu chow style (yes, that’s peanuts you can see through the translucent rice paper!).

Chickens ‘paws’

Steamed egg cake. Just like me, it may look a little dense, but get up close and personal and you’ll find it’s a delicious light weight…except that sounds kind of wrong.

Our only disappointment, the rather limp deep fried turnip cake.

Tonic medlar and petal cake

The tonic medlar and petal cake was the most perfect, yet unexpected, finish to the meal we could possibly imagine. Light, refreshing jelly, into which sweet tasting petals had been delicately infused. I’ve never seen or tasted anything like this before, but Aussie Chinese restaurants should sit up and take notice because it is absolutely sensational!

A fantastic finish to our time in Hong Kong, and at an average of only $2-$3 per dish, our budget was still looking relatively healthy!

Next up? Seoul, South Korea!!