Brunch at Marmalade Cafe – Hobart, Tasmania [now closed]

There’s something about the word ‘brunch’…

Conjuring images of dappled sunlight, dancing over toast, eggs, fresh juice and a paper. Relishing good company while indulging in the guilty pleasure of eating breakfast after midday! Positively naughty…if you’ve led a sheltered life.

It’s been a while since we last escaped our Richmond boudoir to sample the fine fare on offer in ‘town’ on a weekend. But when you get such a perfect morning it’s impossible to stay cooped up at home!

There are some great options in Hobart, but one we hadn’t yet tried was Marmalade on Elizabeth Street. We’d heard good things and were hoping it wouldn’t disappoint!

With such gorgeous weather to enjoy, we decided to take a seat outside under the umbrellas. As it was just past midday we were offered both the breakfast and lunch menus from which to select our afternoon repast.

Both were tempting, with a great range of both traditional and gourmet meals to satisfy the taste buds. For me it was a choice between the Baked Eggs (with fetta, caramelised onion, tomato and basil with optional chorizo sausage) and the Breakfast Tortilla, while Karen was eyeing off the Vegetarian Eggs!

I’ve never been much a ciabatta kind of guy (too harsh on these dainty gums on a lazy Sunday morning!), so I inevitably went with the Breakfast Tortilla. Herbed scrambled eggs (an all time favourite of mine) wrapped in a soft, fluffy tortilla, with chorizo, tomato, caramelised onion and beetroot jam on the side! Mmm… so good…perhaps could have done with a little more seasoning on the eggs, but overall a really, really good meal.

Breakfast Tortilla @ Marmalade

Karen also seemed to be enjoying her Vegetarian eggs immensely. Perfectly poached, sitting on a bed of grilled haloumi, beetroot relish and avocado on dark rye toast. I didn’t try it, but by all accounts (and the speed at which it was consumed), it was a winner as well!

Vegetarian Eggs @ Marmalade

I have to be honest and say that the service, while solid, wasn’t amazing. Friendly, but perhaps a little inattentive. Being a casual cafe though, this wasn’t a big deal and it certainly didn’t detract from the meal.

The prices were fairly reasonable for Hobart, ranging from $6.50 for toast (and house made marmalade of course!) up to $21.50 for the full Marmalade Breakfast, with the lunch menu being a little higher again. Very good value in my opinion.

So what was our final verdict?

Taste – 4/5
Coffee – 4/5
Menu – 5/5
Atmosphere – 3/5
Service – 3/5
Value – 5/5

Overall – 3.5/5