Burger Challenge at Burger Me – Campbell Town, Tasmania

Awesome name. Mediocre burger.

It’s only a couple of hours drive between Hobart and Launceston, yet the lure of a quick break at Campbell Town is inevitably too strong to ignore!

Zeps and Banjo’s have been mainstays for many years now, yet of recent times we’ve seen a rejuvenation along the main street of this quaint little Tasmanian town, with establishments such as Red Bridge Cafe and Providore popping up to provide a welcome point of difference. (If you want a real taste of rural Tasmania, leave your kids in the car, drop into the butcher (Butler’s?) on the main road with the advertising board out the front, and ask for half a dozen venison snags…I can guarantee you’ll emerge back onto the street a different person. The owner would have to be one of the most ‘colourful’ characters I’ve come across in my travels…but his sausages are fantastic!)

Another venue that has interested me for some time now, yet for one reason or another has never been a viable option, is Burger Me. It was the name that first grabbed my attention. So simple yet effective, I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been snapped up earlier by some other burger joint already!

Burger Me

Burger Me

Unfortunately, the reality fell well short of the expectation. Just like Campbell Town itself is neither here nor there, the burgers at Burger Me were neither good nor bad. Mediocrity at its finest!

As is my preference, I went for the traditional burger, while Karen tried their chilli burger. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the menu board so I can’t recall the exact name and price of each, but they were both around the $7-9 mark (if anyone’s been there recently, please feel free to correct me on this!).

Traditional burger @ Burger Me

‘Chilli’ burger @ Burger Me

What can I say…?

Average patty that was lacking seasoning. The salad was ok. A bit of sauce, but could have done with a whole lot more. In one word, uninspiring.

Sounds like the chilli burger was a little better, but by no means fantastic.

The other thing that didn’t do the place any favours was the ambience. Sure, I get that it doesn’t need to be fancy, but to sit there while waiting for your order and being forced to listen to the local wildlife chirp on about who was pregnant by which father didn’t really do much for the appetite. With a bit of effort simple can still be classy.


All in all a rather forgettable meal. In hindsight we should have gone to Zeps and sampled their hot chips, for which I’ve heard numerous gushing reviews of late!

Taste – 2.5/5
Patty – 2.5/5
Bun – 3.5/5
Ingredients – 3/5
Condiments – 2/5
Presentation – 2/5
Stuffable* – Yes
Value – 2/5

Overall – 2.5/5

*Can you stuff it in your face without a knife and fork?

White Collar Burgers

1. The Standard – 5/5
2. The Winston – 5/5
3. Tasman Quartermasters – 4.5/5
4. Chrome – 4/5
5. Crumb Street Kitchen – 3.5/5
6. Burger Haus – 3/5
7. Burger Got Soul – 2.5/5

Blue Collar Burgers

1. Red Jaffa – 4.5/5
2. Budgie Smugglers – 4.5/5
3. Argyle Take Away – 3.5/5
4. Burger Me – 2.5/5
5. Atlantis Takeaway – 2.5/5