The cat’s tongue…mmm…delicious! – Huonville, Tasmania

After a fantastic start to our day at Red Velvet Lounge (sans doughnuts which looked oh so delectable but would certainly have ruined our appetites), we were up for something slightly sweeter.

A 20 minute drive from Cygnet found us passing the defunct Two Birds Cafe (how good were they?!) on Wilmot Road, Huonville, before pulling up out the front of a very strange looking besser block complex, home to The Cat’s Tongue Chocolatiers.

The Cat's Tongue Chocolatiers

The Cat’s Tongue Chocolatiers

Gourmet chocolates? It didn’t look all that promising from the car, but on stepping inside all was revealed!

Row upon row upon row of perfectly crafted chocolate pralines. It was a sweet tooth’s heaven!

So much chocolate!

So much chocolate!

Down one side and to the rear of the building were a number of small tables at which you could while away the time, ruminating over a velvety smooth hot chocolate or perhaps a light meal (unfortunately I neglected to take a photo of their menu).

Smack bang in the centre though was the font of all that is chocolate…the room where they prepare all their delicious sugary morsels, with a few windows conveniently placed around the perimeter, giving eager eyes a chance to survey their precise deliberations!

A delicious interlude, with the hot chocolate being one of the best I’ve had anywhere. I suspect the complimentary chocolate covered marshmallow, and stick of dark chocolate that I immersed in the liquid gold had a significant bearing on this result! those mugs!

mmm…love those mugs!

Precise, and delicious!


My favourite, choc orange!

My favourite, choc orange!

People of Huonville, be very, very thankful!!

You can find the Facebook page for The Cat’s Tongue here.

I did notice that they are currently closed for a short winter break, reopening on 8th August. Put it in your diary!

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