Lunch at Global Kitchen – Hobart, Tasmania

Continuing my recent urban explorations through Hobart’s northern(ish) suburbs, I found myself at a venue that I had written off years ago; Global Kitchen.

It must have been about seven years ago in fact that I last set foot inside the doors of this cafe, and if my memory serves me right (doubtful, I know), it was serving up some dubious lukewarm lasagne, the odd curry and perhaps some stodgy deep-fried pap…?

While a couple of these dishes remain on the menu, the impression I received on revisiting this anachronism on the Moonah landscape was at total odds to my initial experience. Simple, understated, wholesome dishes that wouldn’t look out of place on a Tuesday night at your parent’s place.

In fact, it was such a surprise to me that I went back a second time only a week or so later, just to see if the feeling remained…and it did! Through simplicity, and proven technique, Global Kitchen manages to evoke the rarest of emotions, that of ‘home’. A place to return to. A place to escape the rat race. A tasty security blanket floating in a sea of mediocrity.

From the street it really isn’t much to look at. An autObarn next door (with the ever-present yet totally nonsensical and selfish car parking restrictions), a heat pump store on the other side, and a construction company up above. If anything, the whole location is screaming out ‘Eat here at your peril!!’. Yet a quick peak around side and you are greeted by a rather quaint mural that summarises Global Kitchen in the best possible way.

Global Kitchen

Global Kitchen

Global Kitchen mural

Global Kitchen mural

And then you step inside…

Welcome to Global Kitchen!

Comfy lounge chairs out the front, odd knick knacks scattered randomly, photos of the three chefs proudly mounted above the kitchen…it all feels so comfortable and welcoming.

The cooks and their specialities

The cooks and their specialities

As you can see from the photo above, there are three main chefs, with each specialising in one or more different cuisines, ranging from Indian, to South Korean, to Ethiopian!

While there is no problem in ordering a single dish only, the best way of experiencing Global Kitchen is with a mixed plate of everything!

Entrée sized plate with a little bit of everything!

At only $9 (and only $8 for takeaway) this would have to go down as one of Hobart’s biggest, yet most little known bargains!

I honestly couldn’t tell you everything that was on that plate, but going by their online menu and a close scrutiny of the various photos that I took, I suspect it was a combination of a basic rice under-story on which was heaped spoonfuls of:

  • African chicken curry;
  • European cabbage rolls (bringing back fantastic, yet slightly disturbing, childhood memories of Latvian cabbage in all its forms!);
  • Beef lasagne;
  • Korean bulgogi beef (whetting my appetite for authentic bulgogi when we visit Korea in June!);
  • Vegetable curry;
  • Boiled sweet potato;
  • Indian dahl; and my favourite out of all the dishes…
  • Korean vegetable pancakes drizzled with a dash of special sauce (soy?)!!

I am not joking when I tell you that I didn’t have dinner that night! Everything was full of flavour and cooked with love. How could you ask for anything else? And those pancakes..!!! Nom, nom, nom….

Some may grumble at the fact that all the dishes are kept warm in a bain marie rather than being cooked from scratch, but it seemed to me that they were doing such good business that it was never really sitting there for very long,and once it was gone that was it…no more bulgogi beef for you!

The day I dropped by they were doing a steady trade, but as with all these local eateries it doesn’t take much to find yourself in strife. So please, I implore you all to get down to 39a Main Road, Moonah, and give Global Kitchen a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve found myself a new favourite 🙂

Quick, simple, home-style cooking at its best. You’d be hard pressed to find anything like this at such good value anywhere else in Hobart!

Taste – 4/5
Menu – 4/5
Atmosphere – 5/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 5/5

Overall – 4/5

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