Kittehs!! Calico Cat Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

After the garden we took off to Shinjuku where had an awesome lunch called a sundub. Korean in origins I think, consisting primarily of meat, tofu and a delicious soup base. Really good!

Next up was what can only be described as one of the more quirky sides of Tokyo…a cat cafe. Yes, you read correctly, a cafe of cats! Not for eating cats, but for playing with cats. There are quite a few of these scattered throughout Tokyo, and they offer the busy Tokyo-ite the chance to relax and give some affection to pets that for practical reasons, in such a cramped city, they can’t have themselves.  So for an hour Karen and I amused ourselves with at least two dozen feline friends spread out over two floors at Calico Cat Cafe! So much fun!

After finishing up the afternoon with some more shop browsing, we stocked up on more food (yes, there’s a common theme here!) and took off for home….or that WAS the plan until the train we were on (in peak hour, at Shinjuku station, the BUSIEST station IN THE WORLD) went in the opposite direction to what we wanted and was an express, missing a heap of stops!! We eventually got back to Shinjuku only to almost make the same mistake again! Images of infinite loops and möbius strips were running through my mind…

Dinner this time was yakitori skewers (didn’t realise two of them were liver!), fried chicken and gyoza. Dessert was maccarons!!

And that was Monday!