Miyajima masticating

Miyajima is a tiny island only 10mins by ferry from Miyajimaguchi on the mainland, which in turn is about 20mins south of Hiroshima by train.

It’s most famous for it’s large red torii gate that looks like it’s floating on the water at high tide. I’m sure you’ve seen photos of it, because it looks pretty stunning (and I just might have taken a few myself :)).

Due to its proximity to Hiroshima, most people travel down to Miyajima in the morning and then back to Hiroshima in the evening (as the ferries run quite late into the night). But as we’d heard good things about the island we thought we’d spend a couple of nights there and really do the place justice.

In the end two days and nights was perfect. We were able to spend half a day hiking up through the mountains behind the township, half a day browsing the numerous shops around the town, and the rest of the time chilling out (and eating!).

The place we stayed at was amazing. It ‘s a family run ryokan (traditional Japanese accommodation) called Ryoso Kawaguchi located right in the heart of the town, but set back from the main street so you get a really good feel for the ancient alleyways and buildings that don’t look like they’ve changed in centuries!

I’ll post up some photos of the town and hikes a little later on, but this post is all about the ryokan and the incredible food we were served for the two mornings and evenings we were there. Each meal consisted of half a dozen or more very small portions, just like a degustation course that you would have for dinner in Australia.

So here goes (I won’t write what each dish consisted of, but if you’d like to know then feel free to ask!)…

Dinner #1

Breakfast #1

Dinner #2