ps. Vita: Nature + Culture – Hobart, Tasmania

The Vita boat has well and truly sailed, but with arms like Popeye, churning through the wake, these Two Clowns are hot on their trail!

What a ridiculous opening…I don’t even know what that means… 😀

What I do know is that the frozen yogurt sucked. Which is a bit of a bummer really, considering that yogurt is the reason for going there…BUT! On the upside, the toppings were extremely nommish, almost making up for the dairy downer.

Vita: Nature + Culture is an interesting little establishment on Hobart’s Elizabeth Street. It is to Cold Rock what Subway is to Hungry Jacks: healthy enough in moderation, but eat enough and you’re bound to put on a spare tyre or two! Mind you, there’s a lot more talent, finesse and passion being injected into a Vita frozen yogurt than you’d ever get from a manky Subway sandwich!

The instructions can’t be missed as you step inside:

1. Choose your yogurt flavours
2. Choose your toppings
3. Weigh, then pay!

Choose your weapon!

Choose your weapon!


Jasmine rice…?!

<gasp!!> Where’s the chocolate?!

pfft, who needs a chocolate crutch? I’m always up for something different so I thought I’d get my Willy Wonker on and try the popcorn yogurt.

To top it off I was provided with a smorgasbord of sweet accompaniments resulting in much involuntary jaw-dropping. Goji berries, lemon shortbread, cocoa pops, stewed apples…a never ending list of options that would have been sensational on their own, let alone mixed with some hand-made yogurt of the popcorn-ish tasting variety!

Popcorn frozen yogurt with fondly recalled 'stuff' on top

Popcorn frozen yogurt with fondly recalled ‘stuff’ on top

I say ‘ish’ because it was just that. Occasionally hinting at that most wonderful of flavours, yet never really hitting the mark. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone for the exotic? Perhaps the many years of a sugar-laden diet have blunted my taste buds to buggery? I suspect the latter, and who’s fault is that? Certainly not the ethos crew.

Still, consider this a word of warning. Vita is going to surprise a lot of palates out there with its subtle flavours and eschewment of any thickeners. Of all the food groups I see dairy as being one of the most divisive and dependent on personal preference. In this case it’s no different, particularly when it’s being prepared in such a alternative manner. Unfortunately we weren’t massive fans of their product (maybe next time I should simply load up a container with chocolate brownie and frosted nutri-grain and forget the milky stuff…?), but it’s also quite clear from the various rave reviews around the traps that we are likely in the minority with that opinion. So don’t let this be the final word on the matter…get down there this summer and see for yourself!