Snack time at Taco Taco food van – Hobart, Tasmania

Let’s keep this one short and sweet shall we?

I’ll set the scene…

It’s twilight, on an absolutely freezing Friday night. Wood smoke hazily lingering in the still air. The smell of freshly fallen leaves on dewy grass. Relishing each exhalation of breath, trapped in the folds of your favourite scarf. Reinvigorated by the inevitable inhalation. One of those crisp, face-numbingly gorgeous evenings that creep up on you in the middle of the Tasmanian autumn. Simply magic.

Of all the times for Karen to be interstate.

Lunch had been a little later and a little larger than usual. I didn’t feel like cooking, and a quick Facebook scan before leaving work revealed a welcome update from Hobart’s favourite Mexican food van, Taco Taco.

Beef cheeks and tomatillo salsa? Sold!

On that particular evening they had located themselves at 40 Molle St, out the back of the Bodyworks gym next to the Hobart Rivulet. Only a slight detour on my way home, so I thought I might as well drop by and see what was on offer.

Taco Taco!

Taco Taco!

Walking up to the endearingly moustachioed van, I was warmly greeted by a couple of very well rugged up individuals. The menu looked fantastic, and it was a measly $5 per taco!

Taco Taco menu

Taco Taco menu

Not only were there beef cheek tacos on offer, but other selections included a spicy sweet potato and corn chowder (perfect on such a cool evening), and another three taco varieties.

I had to try the beef cheek taco, with my second selection being the pulled pork taco with apple slaw and lime.

Beef cheek and pulled pork tacos

Beef cheek and pulled pork tacos

Beef cheek and tomatillo salsa in a soft-shell taco

Beef cheek and tomatillo salsa in a soft-shell taco

While it was the beef cheek I was most looking forward to, it was actually the pulled pork taco that stole the show. Sweet and tangy, with a warm spicy undertone that suited the evening perfectly. The coriander was the figurative icing on the taco!

The beef cheek wasn’t bad, but I think I spoiled myself the previous weekend when I did my own slow cooked beef cheeks at home (12 hours!). Taco Taco’s offering was just a tad on the dry side, lacking that fantastic gelatinous texture that comes from a quality, slow-cooked beef cheek. Regardless, there were some good flavours in there, and the tomatillo salsa was extremely tasty! I was also hoping for some spicy heat, but sadly there was none…

As I returned to the cocoon-like warmth of the car, I dipped my metaphoric beanie to these guys, braving the elements in an effort to bring good food to the people of Hobart.


If it’s a quick, tasty snack that you’re after, then Taco Taco is going to be right up your alley! At $5 each it’s great value as well.

These guys stay mobile, switching up their location from day to day, so to keep tabs on their movements you’re going to have to either ‘like’ their Facebook page, follow their Twitter account, or find yourself a good ol’ human bean to keep you up to date!

If you didn’t already realise, Taco Taco is the mobile off-shoot of Chulo, a fantastic little Mexican venue that I reviewed earlier in the year here. Or is it Chulo that is actually the sedentary younger sister to the dynamic Taco Taco van? I suspect the latter! Either way, both are offering some very good Mexican food; the perfect accompaniment to autumn in Hobart!

EDIT: Chulo is now closed, with Chris and the team focusing all their energies on Taco Taco (and their newest addition to the family!).

Taste – 3.5/5
Menu – 5/5
Atmosphere – 3.5/5  <– I couldn’t see any crates on which to perch my ample derrière?
Service – 4/5
Value – 5/5

Overall – 4/5

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