Cambodia, Day 5 – Last day of temples! Giant Circuit

Our last day in Siem Reap, and we thought we’d make use of our 3-day temple pass. This time it was the Grand Circuit, taking us on a much larger loop around the Angkor area than we had taken a couple of days ago on the Small Circuit.

No sunrises were scheduled, resulting in a much more leisurely start to the day!

While you can’t beat Angkor Wat for sheer size and impact, I actually found the temples on the Grand Circuit to be more interesting. Heaps of hidden nooks and crannies, countless crumbled walls and overgrown courtyards, I could have spent days exploring some of these temples, with Preah Khan being my pick of the bunch!

Pre Rup

Resident cow at Pre Rup!

Stone detail at Pre Rup


Pre Rup

Pre Rup

East Mebon

It was pretty funny watching this girl pose for her photo! Very dexterous!

East Mebon

Inside the stupa at East Mebon

Stone detail

East Mebon


Entrance to Ta Som

Bas relief at Ta Som

The maw at Ta Som!

Local girl at Ta Som

Doorway to what???

Ta Som

Ta Som statues

Neak Pean

Entrance to Preah Khan

Bas relief at Preah Khan

The front door at Preah Khan

Abandoned passageway at Preah Khan

Crumbling courtyard at Preah Khan

Reclaiming lost ground at Preah Khan

Bas relief at Preah Khan

Preah Khan

Shrine inside Preah Khan

The back door at Preah Khan

Leaving Preah Khan

Preah Khan

Cruising the Grand Circuit

North Gate of Angkor Thom

Grand Circuit

Siem Reap street side vendor

Evening meal

A dodgy looking joint called ‘Hip Hop’, on the way back to our hotel.