Dim sum, Michelin stars and liquid nitrogen – Hong Kong

After waking up at ridiculous o’clock it didn’t take us too long to get into the holiday spirit!

Gangnam style at 4:30am!!

After some delays in Melbourne we found ourselves on one of the quietest long haul flights we’ve experienced to date. Before long we were stepping off the plane and soaking up the Hong Kong heat and humidity!

With limited time in Hong Kong we immediately got stuck into our first couple of food destinations…Din Tai Fung and Lab Made.

Din Tai Fung specialise in dumplings (xiaolongbao, or soup dumplings in particular), and they are so good that they’ve scored themselves a Michelin star for their efforts!! At only $5-$10 per dish, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity!!

Welcome to Din Tai Fung!

Cucumber with chilli and garlic

Some of the best soup dumplings we’ve ever had!

Pork buns

The pork buns actually contained a broth inside!

A fantastic meal to start our time in Honkers!

To finish the evening, on our way back to the hotel we stopped in at Lab Made, an ice cream shop that uses liquid nitrogen in a rather spectacular way! We decided to go with the salted icecream with caramel…bloody good on a hot night!

Lab Made were doing a roaring trade at 10pm on a Saturday evening!

Liquid nitrogen going nuts!!

Serious business…


And just before we stepped inside our hotel doors…the sweet, fishy aroma of dried mussels and prawns…

Chinese foodstuff on the street side

Looking forward to tomorrow…dragon boats, beer and a 2 Michelin starred restaurant!!!

Time to catch up on some sleep…