Pig’s heart, century old eggs and deep fried bread…and that’s only breakfast! – Hong Kong

When in Rome…

Breakfast this morning was both an educational and a delicious experience. As we were in Hong Kong we had to start the day with a traditonal breakfast…congee! For those who haven’t tried congee, it’s essentially a rice soup, but with a slightly thick consistency. Sounds odd, but tastes pretty darn good!

Karen had tracked down a venue that had few reviews (worryingly few for statistical validity!), but was located close to our hotel and was open early enough in the morning to suit our schedule. On chatting with one of the locals it turns out Hung Lee one of the few truly authentic congee houses left in Hong Kong.

This place is old school, as were the ingredients! For Karen it was pig’s heart and century old egg, while for me it was plain old beef and fish mixed in with the congee. On the side, and occasionally dipped in the congee, was a serve of deep fried bread.

Hung Lee

The place was buzzing with locals!

Pig’s heart and century egg congee

Beef and fish congee with deep fried bread

A very hearty meal to start the day!

We spent the rest of the morning walking the streets of Kowloon.

Haiphong Road



Next up was a very special meal that we have both been looking forward to very much! Caprice Restaurant did have three Michelin stars until a review in 2013 dropped them back to two stars. Regardless, that’s two more than most other establishments can boast!!

The view from Caprice…check out that smog!!

It was a sensational meal, of which I’ll do a more comprehensive review on our return. For now, here’s a couple of standout dishes…

Rhubarb and foie gras

Iced nougat

Two extremely satisfied clowns!!

Our afternoon was spent at the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Festival and the San Miguel Beerfest!

The Goose Time!


The reward for winning? Having your nuts slammed against a power pole by your ‘mates’!

Really looking forward to processing this image properly on my return…I think it will turn out quite well!

On the waterfront at Tsim Sha Tsui

We then took the Star Ferry across to Hong Kong island to watch the nightly light and sound show…

Looking back at Kowloon from Wanchai

One tropical downpour later and another day came to a close.

But before returning to our hotel we had to grab one last bite to eat..this time it was a dessert from Honeymoon Dessert. For Karen it was Durian pancakes, losing her Durian virginity at the same time, while I tried the mango version of the pancakes. Both were very, very tasty!!

Durian and mango pancakes, with watermelon juice on the side

Tomorrow? A walk up to the top of Mt Victoria followed by a food tour with one of the locals!