Cambodia, Day 20 – A boat ride to where? Koh Thmei!

Of all the destinations that we had planned to visit in Cambodia, we were looking forward to this one the most!

Koh Thmei Resort is located on the island of Koh Thmei, just off the coast of mainland Cambodia, and is covered almost entirely by the Ream National Park. If Sihanoukville was party central, then Koh Thmei is where you get your zen back!

No villages, only one tiny resort to call home, no cars, no roads, solar power during the day and limited lighting at night. This is one of the most basic lifestyles you’ll ever come across, yet to us it was absolute paradise!

But first, we had to get there!

An hour’s drive from Sihanoukville found us at the fishing village known as Koh Kchhang. On arrival the poverty was immediately obvious; these guys were struggling…yet amongst the rubbish and detritus one thing shone through like a beacon, and that was the smiles and exuberance on the faces of the local children! A little shy at first, they quickly opened up and turned into quite the little posers!

The photos taken as we left the dock would have to be some of my most treasured from all our travels. Technically deficient, yet full of life, these memories will be with us forever.

I’ve also uploaded a couple of short videos from the boat ride across to Koh Thmei. It took around 45 minutes to make the crossing and was simply stunning. At around the 20-30 second mark of the first video you’ll see some dolphins arching through the water, while in the second video you’ll see us pulling up to the beach at Koh Thmei Resort.


The dock, with out boat on the left

Initially quite shy and a little wary

They soon opened up!

Looking back from the boat as we leave